Circuit Schematic Original PICKIT-2 Microcontroller Programmer

MCU. - Here is Circuit Schematic Original PICKIT-2 Microcontroller Programmer. According the authors that he found out that he can get all parts for the original schematic from local stores, and only two - MCP6001U and FDC6420C - He had to order from Farnel. He also decided to replace two Schottky diodes BAT54 and ZHCS1000 with SS14 because of more convenient package. He programmed the PIC18F2550 microcontroller with his Chinese programmer. Here is the schematic which he used like in figure 1 below:

Figure 1. Schematic Original PICKIT-2 Microcontroller Programmer(source:

And now you can use all links below to download all document that you need to complete this project for Circuit Schematic Original PICKIT-2 Microcontroller Programmer.

  1. Download schematic in PDF
  2. Download parts list
  3. Download HEX code for PIC18F2550
  4. Download Microchip PICkit2 User Guide

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