Circuit Schematic Ultrasound Detector IC1 LMC567 Phase-Locked Loop

Ultrasonic. - Here is Circuit Schematic Ultrasound Detector IC1 LMC567 Phase-Locked Loop. The LMC567 is a low power general purpose LMCMOS[tm] tone decoder which is functionally similar to the industry standard LM567. It consists of a twice frequency voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and quadrature dividers which establish the reference signals for phase and amplitude detectors. The phase detector and VCO form a phase-locked loop (PLL) which locks to an input signal frequency which is within the control range of the VCO.

Figure 1. Schematic Ultrasound Detector IC1 LMC567 Phase-Locked Loop

Component List

IC1        567 phase-locked loop, integrated circuit
U1         LM386 audio power amplifier, ic
Q1, Q2     2N391M NPN transistor
Q3         MPF102 JFET transistor
(All fixed resistors are 1/4 watt, 5% units.)
R1, R2        220,000 ohm
R3-R6         2,200 ohm
R7            1,000 ohm
RS, R14       270 ohm
R9            100,000 ohm
R10           4,700 ohm
R11           10,000 ohm
R12           50,000 ohm, potentiometer
R13           10,000 ohm, potentiometer

C1, C2, C5        0.01 microF, Mylar
C3                0.047 microF, Mylar
C4                0.0022 microF. Mylar
C6, C7, C11, C12  0.1 microF, ceramic-disc
C8                10 microF, 16 WVDC, electrolytic
C9                47 microF, 16 WVDC, electrolytic
C10               470 microF 16 WVDC, electrolytic

SG1               Piezo tweeter (Ultrasound receiver)
Power source, headphones or speaker, wire, solder.

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  1. Olá, estou tentando montar este esquema acima para teste, mas não estou encontrando 2N391M NPN transistor. Tem cfomo substituir este transistor por outro similar?