Free Download New NI Multisim Student Edition 13

Software. - Here is The best software to design PCBs NI Multisim Student Edition 13. The latest version of Multisim enhances already powerful simulation technology with the ability to analyze analog, digital, and power electronics across education, research, and design. Added functionality includes all-new parameter analysis, integration with new embedded targets, and simplified design with user-definable templates. Multisim Standard Service Program (SSP) customers also have access to self-paced online training.

Figure 1. NI Multisim 13.0 Screenshot

In this time we will not give you free download NI Multisim 13.0 but in here we will give you link to take free download New NI Multisim 13.0 Student Edition from external server. But before we will give you several information about new NI Multisim 13.0.

Designing electric circuits is one of the most complicated disciplines of the electrical engineering field, and it's necessary to use very advanced software to be able to design the circuits properly and to be able to check if there aren't any problems in the design.

NI Multisim & Ultiboard

With powerful learning features and laboratory hardware integration, Multisim teaches students foundational concepts in analog, digital, and power electronics throughout engineering and science curriculum. Multisim Student Edition to understand analog, digital, and power electronics in homework and projects. Multisim simulation and circuit design software gives engineers the advanced analysis and design capabilities to optimize performance, reduce design errors, and shorten time to prototype. Intuitive NI tools result in saved printed circuit board (PCB) iterations and significant cost savings.

Key Features of NI Multisim 13.0

  1. Complete Circuits Solution
  2. Teach Analog Circuits With Circuit Parameters
  3. Learn Digital Logic With Digilent FPGA Board Support
  4. Synchronize Schematic and Layout With Design Templates
  5. Automate Assessment With the Multisim API Toolkit
  6. Understand More Power Topics with Thermal Models
  7. Complete Senior Design Projects With NI myRIO Support
  8. Enhance Simulation with 26,000+ Accurate Devices
  9. Improve Design Performance With Circuit Parameters
  10. Simulate Power Circuits with IGBT Models and EPC Devices
  11. Download Custom Simulation Analyses
  12. Configure Automated Analyses With the Multisim API Toolkit
  13. Prototype Rapidly With User-Definable Templates
Download Software 

And now we will give you link to take Free Download New NI Multisim Student Edition 13 not NI Multisim version 13.0. So, please click link below to download this software easily.

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