Circuit Schematic DC Motor Driver using L293

Motordriver. - Here is other circuit for motor driver. This is Circuit Schematic DC Motor Driver using L293 like in figure 1 below. The motor driver circuit here is based on a simple 16-pin IC (L293D) which can drive two dc motors independently.
Figure 1. Circuit Schematic DC Motor Driver using L293
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As can be seen in the circuit diagram, pins 4, 5, 13 and 12 of LM293 (U2) are connected to GND and the pin 16 (VSS) is connected to 5V. The ‘chip inhibit’ pins (1&9) act as the enable pins for the input-output pairs on left side and right side of the motor driver, respectively. Pin 8 (VC) receives the unregulated input supply (Vcc) from the LFR power supply circuit. It is noteworthy that this motor driver chip is PWM supporting, means that if you apply some voltage in the range 0V to 5V at any input, then it will be scaled up by a factor and will be available at the corresponding output.

The four input pins (2-7-10-15) receives motor drive instructions from the MCU. In short, U2 acts as the interface between the microcontroller (U3) and the dc motors (M1&M2) in which instructions from the microcontroller go into its input pins and the outputs are used to drive the robot motors.


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