PSPICE 9.1 Student Version Circuit Design - Emulation Free Download

Software. - Here is Circuit Design - Emulation software freely for you. This software isPSPICE 9.1 Student Version. In this time we will give you global description about PSPICE 9.1 Student Version and then we will give you link to download PSPICE 9.1 Student Version freely.

Figure 1. Screenshot (source:


Design and simulate analog and digital circuits.
What's included with the Student Version

Limited versions of the following products are included in the Student Version of PSpice:

PSpice A/D 9.1, Web Update 1, including PSpice Schematics 9.1
Your choice of schematic editors (specify during installation)
PSpice Schematics 9.1
Capture 9.1, Web Update 2 
Digikey Database and libraries

Help Files

PSPICE.PDF - Pspice User's Guide
CAPUG.PDF - Capture User's Guide 
ANALOG.PDF - Analog Parts
DIGITAL.PDF - Digital Parts
MIXED.PDF - Mixed- Signal Parts
PSPICEAD.PDF - A/D User’s Guide
PSPCREF.PDF - A/D Reference Manual 
OPTUG.PDF - Optimizer User's Guide
PCB2LAY.PDF - Converting MicroSim PCBoards Designs to OrCAD Layout Designs
SCH2CAP.PDF - Converting MicroSim Schematics Designs to OrCAD Capture Designs
NETLICGD.PDF - Network Licensing Guide


Please download PSPICE 9.1 Student Version Circuit Design - Emulation with Free Download using link below:

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