Circuit Schematic AC to DC Voltage Converter based on MC34161 IC

Converter. - Here is Circuit Schematic AC to DC Voltage Converter like in figure 1 below. This circuit schematic based on MC34161 IC. This AC to DC converter circuit is capable of converting an alternative voltage within 70V – 260V range into a DC voltage within 180V to 350V DC range, so it can be used for 110V and 220V too. To achieve this voltage conversion we use a MC34161 rectifier as a voltage doubler at low input voltages and as a classic rectifier at high input voltages.

Circuit Schematic


Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic AC to DC Voltage Converter based on MC34161 IC. MC34161 includes a reference power supply which delivers 2.54V at pin 1. The signal level applied at pin 2 is internally compared with a 1.27V voltage.
D5 zener diode, togheter with R1 and C4 provide IC’s required 12V voltage. Capacitor’s voltage of C2 and C3 must be greater than 250V. 

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