Circuit Schematic Voltage Limiter Circuit Using Op-amp LM741 IC

Audio. - Here is electronic Circuit Schematic Voltage Limiter Circuit Using Op-amp LM741 IC like in Figure 1 below. In this circuit schematic the basic component used is linear LM741 IC. 

In here we will give you global description about Voltage Limiter Circuit Using Op-amp LM741 IC circuit and then we will give you link to continue your reading from original source as external website.

Circuit Schematic

Component Part
  1. LM741
  2. Resistors

Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic Voltage Limiter Circuit Using Op-amp LM741 IC. Circuitstoday site describe that An op-amp is usually used as a comparator in cases where its speed and accuracy are not critical. As illustrated in the earlier post (OP-AMP COMPARATOR), the switching speed of the op-amp comparator can be improved and noise can also be eliminated. The offset problems can also be reduced by adding a voltage compensating network and a offset reducing resistor. Since the op-amp is originally designed to act as an amplifier, its output will not act linearly with logic families like TTL. A TTL requires input voltages which range between (0-5) volts. Thus, to keep the op-amp’s output voltage swing between these ranges, other components like zener diodes are added onto the circuit. Such circuits with specified output swing are called voltage limiters..

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