Circuit Schematic Car Anti theft Wireless Alarm

Alarm. - This is one of an electronic circuit schematic of Car Anti theft Wireless Alarm like in Figure 1 below. In this circuit schematic the basic component used are transmitter and receiver module 

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Circuit Schematic

Component Part

  • Transmitter
  • Reciever

Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic DCar Anti theft Wireless Alarm. Electronic-circuits-diagrams site describe that this FM radio-controlled anti- theft alarm can be used with any vehicle having 6- to 12-volt DC supply system. The mini VHF, FM transmitter is fitted in the vehicle at night when it is parked in the car porch or car park.
The receiver unit with CXA1019, a single IC-based FM radio module, which is freely available in the market at reasonable rate, is kept inside. Receiver is tuned to the transmitter’s frequency. When the transmitter is on and the signals are being received by FM radio receiver, no hissing noise is available at the output of receiver. Thus transistor T2 (BC548) does not conduct.

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