Circuit Schematic Function Generator using LM324 Op Amp IC

Generator. - This is electronic circuit schematic of simple Function Generator using LM324 Op Amp IC like in Figure 1 below. In this circuit schematic the basic component used is LM324 Op Amp IC. 

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Circuit Schematic

Component Part

  • LM324 Op Amp IC
  • Capacitors
  • Variable Resistor
  • Resistor

Circuit schematic like in Figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic Function Generator using LM324 Op Amp IC. Learningaboutelectronics site describe that in this circuit, it will show how to build a function generator circuit using an LM324 operational amplifier chip. A function generator is a electronic device that can produce a variety of different waveforms. The one we will build can output square, triangle, or sine waveforms. Like standard function generators, the circuit allows for frequency adjustment; we get ours through a potentiometer. The circuit can also easily allow for amplitude adjustment.

The circuit works on the principle of just using op amps. The LM324 is a quad op amp, meaning it's composed of 4 independent op amps. In this circuit, the first op amp produces a square wave. After that, the circuit uses 2 integrator circuits to convert the square wave into triangle and sine wave signals.

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