Circuit Schematic 50 Hz 60 Hz Frequency Generator using Crystal Oscillator

Generator. - Do you want to build by your self frequency generator using crystal oscillator now? In this time after we searching to look for frequency generator circuit, we find one circuit 50 Hz 60 Hz Frequency Generator using Crystal Oscillator based on IC CD4060 and  7490 (SN74LS90N) like in figure 1 below.
Figure 1. Schematic 50 Hz 60 Hz Frequency Generator

Component List:
  • R1 2.2MΩ
  • C1 24pF
  • C2 24pF
  • C3 0.01µF
  • C4 47µF 16V
  • C5 0.1µF
  • C6 100µF 16V
  • XTAL 4.096MHz or 4.9152MHz Crystal
  • IC1 CD4060
  • IC2 7490 (SN74LS90N)
  • IC3 7805 Regulator

Circuit schematic like in figure 1 above is Circuit Schematic 50 Hz 60 Hz Frequency Generator using Crystal Oscillator. From the original article "50 Hz 60 Hz frequency generator circuit using crystal oscillator" show us that A crystal is used in the circuit to generate clock pulses. The circuit uses two counter ICs CD4060 and 7490 to divide the basic frequency to generate 50Hz or 60Hz pulses.

CD4060 act as an oscillator and frequency divider here this is arranged to divide by 8192Hz which gives 600hz when you using 4.9152MHz crystal or 500hz when you using 4.096MHz crystal. That frequency further divided by 10 using 7490 IC is to obtain 50Hz or 60Hz output.

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