Circuit Schematic 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier using IC BA5406

Audio. - Here is circuit schematic 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier using IC BA5406 like in figure 1 below. From the circuit schematic look that the main component is IC BA5406 with 2 input and 2 output, so we can said that this is stereo 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier.

Figure 1. Schematic 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier using IC BA5406

Component List:


According the original article "5W Stereo Audio Amplifier" show us to describe this circuit that 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier project based on BA5406 IC which is  suitable for application like stereo radio cassette player, stereo components systems etc.

The Heart of the project, BA5406 is a dual OTL monolithic power IC with two built-in, high output speaker amplifier circuits. High output of 5W×2 can be produced when VCC=12 V and RL=3Ω, and 2.8 W×2 when VCC=9V and RL=3Ω. The BA5406, which uses a high allowable power dissipation package, has a simple heat-sink design. Let continue your reading to know more about specification and PCB layout from the original article above.

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