Circuit Schematic DIY DS1307 RTC Module for Arduino Project

Arduino. - Here is Circuit Schematic DIY DS1307 RTC Module for Arduino Project. Although ready-made real-time clock (RTC) modules for microcontroller projects are available in every online shop, an inspired electronics hobbyist would rather put together something from a few components that happen to be lying around.

ds1307 ic Now a days, most microcontroller projects those which log or track data information often require current time and date information to be stored along with the accumulated data. A Real Time Clock (RTC) chip such as DS1307 with a suitable back-up battery can be used to supply the required information. The programming process of the RTC chip (in software) is also very simple and is supported in the majority of programming environments.
Figure 1. Circuit Schematic DIY DS1307 RTC Module

Parts List

  1. DS1307 RTC chip – 1
  2. 32.768 Khz (12.5 pF) generic quartz watch crystal – 1
  3. 100nF Ceramic Capacitor – 1
  4. 10K ¼ w Resistor – 2
  5. 12mm 3V Lithium Coin Cell (CR2032) – 1
  6. 12mm Coin Cell Holder – 1
  7. 5-Pin Male Header – 1
  8. Circuit Board – 1
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