Circuit Schematic Smart Water Tank Pump Switcher Based on Atmega328P-PU

AVR. - Here is Circuit Schematic Smart Water Tank Pump Switcher Based on Atmega328P-PU. For the residents who live in rural-areas, limited water-availability is a very common problem. Therefore, many people install a water tank on the roof of the building. The water, stored in a water tank at the basement (ground) is pumped into the water tank on the roof using a pumping motor. In this manner, the limited water-availability problem can be improved and the water can be used in a more efficient way if an automatic water tank pump controller is included in the setup.

Figure 1. Circuit Schematic Smart Water Tank Pump Switcher Based on Atmega328P-PU

Circuit Description

The Atmega328P-PU (IC1) chip in this circuit is infact an Arduino UNO chip, that is to say IC1 holds a small code prepared & processed using Arduino IDE. Switch S1 is the traditional reset switch as found in the Arduino board. Here, ports PD2, PD4 and PD7 of IC1 (D2, D4, D7 of Arduino) are configured as input ports,and ports PB0, PB4 and PB5 (D8, D12, D13 of Arduino) are configured as output ports. PD2 port is connected to the AUTO/MAN mode selector switch. Water level sensors are read by ports PD4 and PD5. Port PB5 is used to conttrol the water pump motor through a heavy-duty electromagnetic relay (RL1) with the help of the driver transistor (T1). Rest of the output ports (PB0 & PB5) are used to drive the system status indicators (LED1 & LED2).

IC1 (ofcourse with pre-loaded Arduino UNO Bootloader) can be programmed/re-programmed through the serial interface socket J3 using a commonly available FTDI Basic board (usb-serial converter board). Water level sensors of the water tank at roof, and water level sensor of the water tank at basement (ground) can be connected to the circuit through sockets J1 and J2 respectively.

Socket J4 is the DC input socket, from where the system is powered by a regulated 5VDC supply, pre-processed by the on-board voltage regulator chip (IC2). LED4 works as the power supply status (on/off) indicator.

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